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About us

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Our adopted name and logo, “Sankofa” is symbolized by the bird looking back while preparing to move forward. Like all animal images used extensively by the Ashanti of Ghana, the Sankofa symbol provokes thought: In this case, we are reminded that we need to understand and learn from the past in order to build a successful future, or that we can always start over in life if we realize and understand our past mistakes. Great words to live by!

The atmosphere in our store is one of welcoming everyone back home that has a desire to experience Africa, perhaps for the first time. We do this by showcasing elegant, sophisticated as well as casual fashions from West Africa, both traditional and contemporary. We also carry jewelry , other fashion accessories and woodcrafts, all reflecting the history of the motherland and the magic of her skilled designers, dressmakers, artisans and other crafts

Please take your time browsing through our web pages (You don’t want to miss anything!) Then place your orders. Thank you for visiting our store!

PS: We do custom dressmaking and wholesaling!


We have a sister museum, right across the hall!

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